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Success Stories


Manuel Vera & Associates  
Our server crashed over night, I didn't discover it until I came in to work. The server wouldn't even start. I called Aquiles around 6:30 am and he was here by 6:50. He setup a temporary external hard drive so we could work that day. Later, at 5:00pm, he came back and fixed the actual problem. Thank you Aquiles, not only did you fix my server but your creativity allowed me to function as normal and not have any downtime.
Mojo Media Miami  
We use Xpert Computer Services for our maintenance. They are in here a few hours a week and have kept everything working smoothly for years.
Estela Lorenzo CPA  
Xpert Computer has helped us for about 8 years. They have always been there when we need them, Aquiles always answers his phone. We provide accounting setups for many clients and we have contracted Xpert Computer to do this for us. We trust them and are proud to have them represent us at our client's offices.
Ross Engineering  
We had an emergency, our email system was completely down. We had other companies here and none of them were able to fix the problem. By chance, we called Aquiles at Xperts and asked him to connect remotely before bothering to come to our office. He connected remotely and immediately found the problem. About half an hour later he was at our office, fixed the problem and put us back in business. We owe Xperts a lot. They now do regular maintenance on our system and we haven't had a problem since.
The Laser Center of Coral Gables   Thank you Xpert Computer Services for creating our wonderful website. It's both functional and elegant.
  Aran Eye  
Xpert Computer Services has the most competent, helpful employees than any other IT company we have worked with. They are always there to help us in our time of need. The free remote service is excellent.
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