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To Hire or Not to Hire

In today’s world we sometimes need to make tough decisions.  A decision many companies are now facing is whether to keep jobs in house or to outsource.  The truth is, many positions need full time employees such as managers and attorneys.  However, when it comes to Information Technology, the choice is simple.

Every company needs an Information Technology technician that can prevent failures through regular maintenance, can keep your system running optimally and has the knowledge to solve problems quickly and consistently.  Xpert Computer Services Inc. would like to present you with the following comparison.


Full Time Network Administrator


Xpert Consultant

Salary for Entry Level – $45k a Year

Average of $14k a year

Vacation days a year - 10

Vacation days a year - 0

Sick days a year – 5

Sick days a year - 0

Insurance – Average $2,500

Insurance – Average $0

Other expenses (WC, SS, MC) $7k

Other expenses (WC, SS, MC) $0

Familiarity with Systems - 1

Familiarity with Systems - 100’s





$54,500 a year.

$14,000 a year.


Despite the tremendous savings, your system’s performance will not suffer.  Your system will run as smooth as if you had a full time employee but without the associated costs.

You can cut back on Information Technology costs without cutting back on quality.  This is our guarantee!