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An Ounce of Prevention

Computer systems and servers are built to last for years.  However, the life span of our system can be shortened by many factors.  Like your car, the best way to extend the life and performance of your hardware is through regular maintenance.  Software companies release updates on almost a daily basis.  Sometimes these updates help our computers.  Sometimes they can make them worse.  You need a team that regularly tests these updates and knows exactly how your system will react.

We at Xpert Computer Services Inc. can perform preventive maintenance on your computer system and servers and keep them running at peak performance.  We will keep your system updated with the latest releases that have been tested and marked “safe” by our staff.  We perform regular virus scans and make sure all of your computers and servers have the latest virus definitions.  Having spyware can slow your computer’s performance to a crawl.  We will remove all spyware from your system.  We will open up your computers and servers and vacuum the vital components that will eventually fail due to dust buildup.

Your computers and servers will be defragmented on a regular basis.  We will inspect all moving parts to prevent failures and/or detect failures before they actually occur and cause you downtime.

Bottom line, we will be your IT staff and perform all of the tedious responsibilities that most full time IT personnel tend to neglect.  And, if there is a problem, you can count on us to be onsite and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.  Your emergency is our emergency.