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Knowledge is Power

The English Philosopher Francis Bacon once said “Knowledge is Power.”  We at Xpert Computer Services Inc. agree.  With the proper training, you can take an average employee and transform them into a great employee. 

Everyone needs the right tools to perform a job efficiently and correctly.  Not having the right tools will usually slow down the completion process and frustrate the employee.  While many companies are willing to invest in proper physical tools, sometimes we overlook the most important tool of all, training. 

Xpert Computer Services Inc. can help.  We conduct onsite, one on one or instructor led training to help your employees perform at their peak.  We will show you how to take full advantage of software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, to name a few.  We can also design a class specifically for the problem areas your employees are challenged with.  Customized classes could include creating websites with Word, pivot tables in Excel, animation in PowerPoint and creating queries in Access, all in one class.  You can mix and match the classes to cover all of the areas your employees request. 

Xpert Computer Services Inc. will work with you to design a class that meets your needs.  You will notice the difference!